Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Away Message: Out to Life

I stopped posting here last year when I realized, after some honest introspection, that it was definitely dragging me down. I wanted to reach out to you and others who might have been in the same place I was. And as much as I loved talking to so many of you, I'm afraid I still need to limit the amount of doses of this poison that I encounter. While I've successfully avoided relapse, I can still smell my face in the toilet when I read these blogs, and I don't want my mind to dwell there ever again. It was another life ago, and I'm at peace now.

Since last year it looks like a lot of you have stopped posting. I may pop back from time to time, but for now I'll be leaving the parting message from my first post as my "away message."

I hope someone can find strength, courage and possibly even healing in my words, which is why I'm leaving this blog up.

If you'd like to contact me, please feel free to comment below and then e-mail me privately at (But you'll need to leave a comment for me to go check the e-mail.) I will regularly receive and respond to any genuine comments or questions. But like I said, I'll otherwise not be lurking around the pro-ana community. You may find me without realizing it, blogging about my new life somewhere else.

I wish you peace.