Friday, May 7, 2010

Tonight: Project Crazy Unfolds

Tonight is the night.

I'm going to do it... I'm going to pole dance in front of a live audience for the first time in my life.

I'm ready... I've trained a year for this. I even got my drop back/handstand at the dress rehearsal Wednesday, despite my back injury.

Think of me today:
Around 5pm I'm going to start putting on the full makeup, silver smokey eyes, glittery faux lashes... this is the real deal.

The waiting, the waiting, the waiting... I'm going to throw back a corona light with the girls to calm my nerves. I'll be getting dressed - sequined booty shorts, stilettos...

Guests start arriving. The house will be full.

Lights are down. The show begins... group routine with all 10 of us... followed by my by one.

Blastoff. :)


  1. All the best! Let us know how it went! (:

  2. Hey Kat or Kate, your identity change is a little confusing. But I'm happy to see you're still here and it sounds like you are in a really good, healthy place. Congratulations on that and your pole dancing!

    <3 Eva

  3. Best of luck! I bet you'll be AMAZING!!!

  4. EvaPuedeVolar That's not Kat... that's her sister.

  5. Good Luck babe (:
    It sounds so fun, I'd love to try sometime.

  6. I'm sure you did absolutely lovely with your dancing. :)

  7. Sounds like fun. I wish I had the nerve and the body for something like that.

  8. I'm more than a bit late--hope it went well!

    Hmm, where are you I wonder? I miss reading. :)

    * hugs *

  9. wow! I wish I was confident enough to do that!

  10. Wow! I recently saw a production number of one single girl in red lingerie riding the pole like a pro, and this with her reputation of being a "nice kid." Daughter of a senator too, what say you? Well, she showed them alright.
    Anyway, whatever happened to your performance? would love to see photos. Me = envy right now. But with all the poundage hounding me, well, let's just say I may not even get higher than a foot. So it's diet and exercise for me, and here's to hoping this time I stick to it long enough to lose a few before I attempt pole dancing.
    anorexia protein

  11. how did it go??????????????????????????????/

  12. I just found your blog, I'm a poler as well. And also completely obsess with being as perfect as I can be, mind, and body. Pole has taught me to love my body more than anything in the world. Also, you can pole for hrs and not feel like it's exercise.

  13. Hi giiirl
    I LOVE ur blog. Im so glad u are free of ana.. I sufferd for 10 years too.. ednos tho..
    Please follow my blog. Ill def follow u!
    Im glad I stumbled across ur blog. Please let me kno if there are more of us in here. I wanna follow all of those who either have recovered or wanna try :)