Monday, February 22, 2010

Where is Della Shadows?


I'm so sad because I haven't been able to find Della. We were e-mailing and profile disapeared and her e-mail address was deleted. Does anyone know how to reach her? :'(

I'm so sad.

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  1. Her parents found her blog & made her delete it. I don't know if she'll be able to email anyone. Probably not for a while. Yeah, a lot of us are sad. :(

  2. like ^ said her parents found it and she was made delete it :(

  3. I've been lost without her. She was truly a light in my every single day. :( I miss her dearly. I can only imagine what she must be going through, all alone at that, having to deal with her parents' discovery of her blog. God, I just hope she's okay.

  4. I miss her so much. She was such a great help to have around. I hope she's okay.

    And yeah, I read you blog. And the time you were distant, I checked in at least twice a day, hoping that you had written a new post. I really missed you.
    And to explain why I didn't comment on the last posts, it was because I didn't know what to say. What you wrote about Kat broke me. I cried, for the first time in a long time, while reading it. It's terrible- and I have now idea of what you're going through.
    It was hard for me to find something that felt right to comment, because I know that my words wont make it better. So I didn't comment.
    I can't imagine how much it hurts, and I hope everything turns out okay in the end. I'm thinking about you.

    Love Jen x

  5. Her parents found out about her blog and made her delete it :(

    I think bloggerville has been a mess with you her witty and sunshiny presence.

    I pray the best for her! it is not easy being suddenly ripped away from support. (I and all of her readers always supported recovery)

  6. Oh no, I didn't know about that. : ( She was so great, I'll miss her and I hope she can find some way to get another blog without her parents knowing.